Ryan Giggs (Manchester United Athlete) prolongs his playing career at 40:



Ryan Giggs one of the most successful athletes in world football speaks about how practicing yoga has kept him in the game for so long and at the highest level for Manchester United at 40 years old. He claims “Yoga has definitely helped me, it helps me train every day because it gives me the flexibility and the strength not only to play the game but to train as well.” According to Giggs even at 40 his still living his dream of a soccer athlete. Thanks to presence of Yoga in my life. Its simple presence in his life has helped him keep away from modern day injuries many soccer athletes face today. He claims practicing yoga helped gain another 10 years to his playing career, as first thought yoga was about injury prevention, but later it became about recovery. It helped him become more aware of his body.

Sowmya’s yoga journey to weight loss:


Sowmya Jaganmurthi a professional yoga trainers speaks about the positive effects yoga as a practice has had on her life as compared to gym methods. Also tells us how beneficiary it is for women post pregnancy in helping to loss the extra weight. Telling us her journey to loosing weight.

Change of lifestyle due to yoga:


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